5-8 August 2021
Europe/Copenhagen timezone

What is ICPS?

The International Conference of Physics Students is a student-run event organized annually by one of the member committees of the International Association of Physics Students. Each year, the ICPS gathers over 300 physics students from over 30 countries around the world in one place to share their passion for science for one week. The conference is a brilliant opportunity for the young minds to get familiar with academic conferences and to begin creating their global contact network crucial to today’s field of science.

ICPS 2018 group photo

The conference consists of scientific programme, such as guest lectures, laboratory and institute excursions as well as social events. The students can also gain valuable experience from presenting their topics in form of a student lecture or a poster.

The history of ICPS’s started over 30 years ago when a group of students from Hungary wanted to make contacts to western Europe. Thus began a tradition of organizing a conference each year in a changing location. During its 33 year history, the ICPS has been held at the following locations.

Year Location
2020 Puebla, Mexico
2019 Cologne, Germany
2018 Helsinki, Finland
2017 Turin, Italy
2016 Msida, Malta
2015 Zagreb, Croatia
2014 Heidelberg, Germany
2013 Edinburg, United Kingdom
2012 Utrecht, The Netherlands
2011 Budapest, Hungary
2010 Graz, Austria
2009 Split, Croatia
2008 Kraków, Poland
2007 London, United Kingdom
2006 Bucharest, Romania
2005 Coimbra, Portugal
2004 Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro
2003 Odense, Denmark
2002 Budapest, Hungary
2001 Dublin, Ireland
2000 Zadar, Croatia
1999 Helsinki, FInland
1998 Coimbra, Portugal
1997 Vienna, Austria
1996 Szeged, Hungary
1995              Copenhagen, Denmark
1994 St. Petersburg, Russia
1993 Bodrum, Turkey
1992 Lisbon, Portugal
1991 VIenna, Austria
1990 Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1989 Freiburg, Germany
1988 Prague, Czechoslovakia
1987 Debrecen, Hungary
1986 Budapest, Hungary